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Weather Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Blue droplets

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Making a Rainbow - Heading .jpg

By Josie Whitehead

Making a Rainbow

Two sunflowers looked into the sky:
     ‘I love the sun,’ one said.
‘It sends its warming rays to earth
     And warms us in our bed.’

‘We need rain, too,’ replied his friend.
        It helps us to grow tall;
Whilst sunflowers stretch to reach the sun
     The buttercups stay small.’

They looked up at the sun’s bright face,
      Then noticed in the sky,
A big black cloud that carried rain
      Came slowly floating by.

Then, as it drifted overhead,
     Its rain began to pour.
Then lightning came, the thunder too
     And raindrops, more and more.

The raindrops toppled from the sky -
       Refreshing, pure and cool.

They watered fields, woodlands and towns 
      And pattered on your school.

The sun looked down to dry the earth,
      And wished the rain goodbye –
‘Oh, look up there!’ one sunflower said:
      ‘What’s that up in the sky?’

A brightly coloured arch appeared,
     That glittered in the sun:
‘Oh goodness me!’ said both of them,
     ‘The sun is having fun!’ 

‘A rainbow!’ said one sunflower,
     ‘Made by the rain and sun!’
‘It’s stunning!’ said the other one.
     ‘The colours are such fun.’

So when the rain and sun are out,
     Look up into the sky.
You’ll see the prettiest sight on earth,
      As no-one can deny.

Copyright on all my poems

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