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Longer Narrative Poems 
for  Children

(Adapted from Aesop's Fables)

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Matilda Mouse and The King of Beasts

Matilda was a cheeky mouse
     Who liked to play a joke.
A sleeping lion felt her feet
      And quickly he awoke.

'How dare you wake me up, small mouse.
       Of all beasts, I am KING!
But snack on YOU?  Oh goodness no,
      You’re much too small a thing.'

He released Matilda from his grip:
      'Oh go away and play,
But don’t play tricks on mighty lions,
       That’s all that I can say!'

'Oh thank you sir,' Matilda said.
     'Your good deed does you proud.
I’ll pay you back – well if I can,'
     Matilda truly vowed.

The lion laughed: 'Oh go away.
      What could YOU do for ME?'
But he was wrong for saying this
      As you will quickly see.

Next morning found him in a snare –
      A huntsman’s trap for sure –
And, struggling, in this horrid net,
      He felt quite insecure.

The king of beasts was full of fear.
     His confidence had fled,

But his roars soon reached Matilda’s ears
     As she slept in her bed.

'Oh mighty king,' Matilda thought.
      'Are you in trouble now?'
And she recalled that she had made
     The king of beasts a vow.

She saw her friend caught in the snare,
     And he struggled there beneath,
But Matilda had a useful tool:
     Some razor-sharp small teeth.

She set to work and freed her friend.
     She’d helped him after all,
And the King of Beasts will not forget:
     'Don’t laugh at someone small.'

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