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A n i m a l   P o e m s
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Adult and Baby Elephant


By Josie Whitehead

Mellie, The Baby Elephant

How proud was her mother the day she was born.
     Mellie weighed more than two hundred
Her aunts stood around and, with ecstatic hearts,
     Filled the air with their trumpeting sounds.   

Her mother helped Mellie up onto her feet 
    And looked down on her calf with much pride.
Mellie gazed at her world and her elephant friends
     But stayed closely by her mother’s side.
Mellie was hungry so took her first drink.
     Mother’s milk was deliciously warm.
The next vital years she would walk by her side
     Through days full of sunshine and storms.
Elephants learn, as we children do too,
    And prepare for their lifetime ahead.
Their skills are important to keep them alive
     And without them they’d surely be dead.
It takes many years to grow up and be strong -
   To be social as one of the herd.   
Things that an elephant does must be learnt -
     Unlike humans, without any words!

So Mellie grew up in her elephant world,
    Travelling, resting and feeding.
She now is a mother with a calf of her own
     Who follows as Mellie is leading.

Copyright on all my poems

I think you'll like this poem and so do I.  It is quite factual.  Josie

*200 lbs (pounds) = 90.718474 kilograms



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