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Children's Magical Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Miggledy, Piggeldy & Tiggledy Too

Miggledy, Piggledy and Tiggledy too

Decided one day that they’d go to the zoo.

     They set off together and went on the bus –

     And this should have been a day without fuss:


But - - instead of the bus taking them to the zoo,

This bus was  quite magic and off they all flew

      Right up through the clouds and then into space

      'And, did they all vanish, without any trace?'


Oh no, they did not for the bus took them to

A special space island called 'Diggledy Doo' –

      And here they alighted and what did they see?

      An island of monsters surrounded by sea!!


The monsters trooped round them – oh lots and lots more,

And wherever you looked there were monsters galore!

     There were some little monsters accompanied by Mum.

     Some monsters seemed happy whilst others were glum.


There were big ones and small ones and ones in between

And they came in all colours – some red, blue and green.

     There were some baby monsters who constantly cried

     Yet their parents displayed them with parently pride.


Then Miggledy screamed: 'What a terrible place!

We, none of us, knew of this island in space.'

     And Piggledy added: 'Who’d guess it was here -

     And such a long way from our own Earthly sphere?'


But Tiggledy said: 'Oh awake from your dreams.

It’s far too late now for the zoo so it seems.

     The three of them yawned and yawned once again

     And then went indoors when it started to rain.


And snoring they all went to Dreamland again

And to wake them?  I tell you it would be in vain!

      So if you want adventures just shut your eyes tight

      And go off to Dreamland where it could be you might . . .


Find the beautiful Island called Diggledy-Doo

Where thousands of monsters will gladly meet you –

      But my advice is: Don’t just sleep through your day.

      Keep your feet upon Earth.  It’s the best place to stay.

Copyright on all my poems

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