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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead
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By Josie Whitehead 

My Alien Neighbours

There’s a family of aliens moved into next door:
Oh don’t hurry off for I’ll tell you some more.
     There’s a Mama and Papa and children as well.
     Oh boy! Hold your nose for my word how they smell!

They can’t smell a thing – well, I would suppose.
Have you seen an alien?  So where is its nose?
    They don’t need to breathe - yes, I'm sure that is true -
    But perhaps this is something you already knew.

If you looked at their faces you'd have a surprise
For surely you'd notice the size of their eyes!
    On a warm summer evening, they gaze at the stars,
    But, when winter winds blow,  - - -

                                     they just head back to Mars.

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