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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

My Three Little Aliens .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

My Three Little Aliens

I've caught three little aliens

     But whatever should I do?
Should I keep them in a jam jar

     Or send them to the zoo?

If I put them in a jam jar

     Then they couldn’t really play,
And it can’t be kind to aliens

      To put them on display.

I think I know the answer though,

     But hope it isn’t cruel:
I’ll put them in this shoe box

     And take them into school.

Today we had to bring to school

     A “show and tell” from home.
Sam brought his crawly spider

     And Ann her mobile phone.

But when my box is opened up,

     What will the children say
When Zeena, Leena and Teena

      All hop out and start to play?

They’ll look around our classroom

     And they’ll have a big surprise
To find that all we school children

      Are nearly twice their size.

Everyone would love them though.  

     They’d be as happy as could be,
And when the time came to go home,

     They’d come along with me.

One day I know quite certainly

     They’ll vanish without trace
And Zeena, Leena and Teena

     Will go home again in space.

I’m sure I’ll get an email saying: 

     'We’re doing really fine
And can you see our planet here -

     The star that really shines?'

I’ll look into the black night sky -

     Perhaps they’re looking down
And thinking of the fun they had

     When they visited our town.

Copyright on all my poems


Note:  On Friday afternoons, I visited the children in my local school for one hour a week, and it was these children who asked me to write poems for them every week and for other classes of children over a period of about 4 years.  One day a little girl called Grace Nixon brought me the above picture which she'd done at home.  I thanked her for it but asked her what it was.  She said: 'Can't you see?  They're 3 little aliens and I'd love you to write me a story-poem about them.'  And how could I resist this little girl.  She was delighted  with my poem and especially when this, along with almost 400 poems were published and her picture was on the front of my book of Funny Poems, thanks to Mr Sharp, the Educational Publisher.  Josie

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