Reflective/Funny Poems

for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Optimist and the Pessimist (The)

An optimist and pessimist
    Were walking down the street.
The pessimist looked quite forlorn -
    His life was far from sweet.

'It’s very sad to think,' he said,
    'We’ve to pay for dental care.'
'Yes, but I think we are quite lucky
     That our teeth are all still there!'

The optimist looked at the sky:
    'It’s such a lovely day!' 
The pessimist looked miserable:
     'But snow is on its way.'

His friend replied:  'Well never mind,
    It will not linger long.'
The pessimist was dubious.
    He thought his friend was wrong.

The optimist will see dark clouds
    But also silver linings,
And even on the darkest day,
    Somewhere the sun is shining.
The pessimist sees a blacker side
    To every single action.
His face is long, his life is bleak
    With little satisfaction.

He sadly sits and grunts and groans
    That his hair is falling out,
And, with sadness written on his face,
    He always wears a pout.

The optimist is full of joy
     That half his hair remains,
And every day says thanks to God
    That he never does complain.

Copyright on all my poems

Teachers and children in schools across West Yorkshire chose this poem for publication in 2010.  I hope you like it too.