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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Beautiful Gray Cat
Green Eyed Cat

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By Josie Whitehead

Poor Poor Kitty

Kitty was a little cat
     Who loved her garden, so
Whenever she was missing,
     We knew just where to go.

She’d be sitting by the fish pond
     Quite deep in thought – indeed.
Her eyes were on two goldfish,
     Her next delicious feed.

One fish was swimming quickly.
     'He’s much too fast for me,'
But the other fish just floated.
     'He’ll do nicely for my tea.'

'He’s the fish I’ve got my eyes on
     And he’s waiting to be caught.'
Her paw went in the water – splash!
     'That’s got him,' Kitty thought.

The goldfish looked delicious,
     'But perhaps he’s rather small,' -
And she didn’t stop to think that he'd
     Be hard to eat at all!

She popped him in her little mouth,
     But 'Ouch!  That hurt!' she said.
The fish was made from wood and so
     She broke her teeth instead. 


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