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Winter Story-Poems

for Children

By Josie Whitehead


Pine Cone 6
Pine Cone 6
Small Snowboy (The) - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Small Snow Boy (The)

Once there was a young snow boy,
     Built with loving care,
But when the children went indoors
     He felt full of despair.

'Why can’t I go into their home?'
       He asked the northern breeze.
An answer came from high above
     The shivering, shaking trees.

'Keep well away from human homes
     And take good care my friend -
For, if you don’t, I’ll tell you now
     You’ll come to a sad end.'

The snow boy very sadly watched
     The children having fun,
Whilst out there, in his wintry world - -
      Well, sadly, he had none.

'Why can’t I go into their home?'
       He asked the falling snow.
An answer came from up above:
     'Goodness, don’t you know?

'Human homes are warm and dry.
       It’s something snowmen fear -
And it’s better for a young snow boy
     Like you to stay out here.

'Now listen very carefully:
     If you went through their door,
You’d change and very quickly be
       A puddle on the floor!'

The snow felt sorry for this boy 
     And knew just how he felt,
But explained that any warming heat
     Would quickly make him melt.

The snow boy thanked the falling snow
     For all his good advice:
'Let humans keep their warm, dry homes.
  My wintry world’s quite nice!'

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