Snake Poems

By Josie Whitehead


The onomatopoeia comes from the sound of S which I've used regularly in my poem.  Remember that snakes hiss (sss) when they're afraid as a warning of attack. Ssssss 

By Josie Whitehead

Snakes can sinuously slide across hot desert sand,
     As they silently wend on their way.
They will slither and *traverse  a *circuitous trail
     To silently pounce on their prey.

Some snakes eat insects, reptiles and birds;
     Some snakes can poison and kill. 
Some coil round victims with little concern,
     And then squeeze them with merciless skill.

The snake is a reptile and some will lay eggs,
     Whilst others give birth to live young.
They do not have ears, although some have good eyes
      And a snake can smell things with his tongue.

When a snake flicks its tongue, it is smelling the air
      To collect information around,
And a message is sent with some speed to its brain,
      To let it know what it has found.

A snake's body's coated with both plates and scales –
     And such armour protects the snake well -
But to protect yourself well from a venomous bite
     Keep away from the places they dwell.

It's a most hated creature and one that is sly.
     The snake is a reptile to fear,
For some carry poison designed to cause harm,
     So be cautious if snakes could be near.

Copyright on all my poems

* Traverse:  Move back and forth or sideways in one's movement forward.                  

  * Circuitous trail: longer than the most direct way