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Winter Story-Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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'Children laughed and played' - - -


By Josie Whitehead

Snow Queen and the Snow King (The)

The Snow Queen, gentle in her tread,
     Stepped forth one wintry night,
And coated hedges, trees and grass –
     Well, everything in sight.

She looked up at the stars above:
    ‘How does it look from there?’
‘It’s beautiful’ the stars called back,
    Through the dark and chilly air.

The Snow Queen smiled back at the stars.
     ‘You’re cold up there,’ she said.
‘But you’ll be gone by morning time,
      When children leave their beds.’

The Snow King came upon the scene:
     He blasted howling winds.
Dressed in a gown of pure white snow,
     He was a king of kings.

His strength caused flakes of swirling snow
     To coat the hills and trees.
He worked with Wind, his cruel friend,
     To blow and fiercely freeze.

They caused an avalanche to start
     Which moved along at speed.
He little cared what harm he caused 
     Nor those he killed, indeed.  

The Snow Queen quietly arrived
     With hand held to the sky:
She looked at what the King had done
     And heaved a mighty sigh.

‘Why do these wicked things?’ she said.
      ‘Why cause such grief today?’
She drove with force that awful king
      And sent him on his way.

She welcomed sunshine’s glowing beams
     That brought the brand new day,
And, gently smiling from high up,
      She watched the children play.

Sledges appeared and snowmen too,
      As children laughed and played -
And on the gentle snowy slopes 
      With great delight they sleighed.

The mountain slopes were safe again 
      And skis appeared anew.

The Snow Queen smiled, the sun shone down
      And the sky was clear and blue.

The children, tired from so much play,
      Slept in their beds that night

And the Snow Queen knew that what she’d done
     For certain had been right.

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