Seasons and Weather Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

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By Josie Whitehead

Spring Peeped Through the Daffodils

Spring peeped through the daffodils,
     And, as quietly as a mouse,
She crept with stealth across the path
     That runs beside your house.

The sunlight of the afternoon
     Had disappeared too soon,
And it wasn’t long before she saw
     The bright face of the moon.

The winter wind swept round her face
     And chilled her where she stood,
So Spring did up her woolly coat
     And pulled up her warm hood.

The snowflakes fluttered from the sky
     And the cold wind blew the trees.
The birds were huddled in their hedge
     And the grass began to freeze.


Old Winter came upon the scene
     And spotted Spring, of course.
He said: ‘Why are you in my world?’
     And he blew cold wind, with force.

‘Your time is up,’ Spring said to him:
     ‘The daffodils are here,
And it’s time for me to warm this world
     And for you to disappear.’

‘Why don’t you take a holiday?
     The North Pole’s rather nice.
You’d like it there, I’m sure you would,
     And you’ll find there’s lots of ice.’

Old Winter thought, and thought again
     And then he gave a sigh.

‘You’re right my friend, I have worked hard,
     And perhaps I’ll say goodbye!’

So look out through your window now
     And see blossom on the trees,
And then wrap up and go outside
     And feel that warmer breeze.

You’ll know for sure when spring’s arrived
     For, hear that blackbird’s song?  –
And tell me what will follow spring?
     Yes, summer won’t be long.

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