Drawing of Cat

Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Drawing of Cat
There Was a Fat Cat.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

There Was a Fat Cat

There was a fat cat who went up to Heaven,
But he made a mistake for he thought it was Devon.
  Saint Peter looked down at his scruffy brown face
  And then threw the fat cat right back into space.

This tatty old puss, how he hissed and he howled!
He arched up his back and he sulked and he scowled
   For he didn’t like surfing the moon and the stars
   So he changed his direction and headed for Mars.

But Mars was too hot for a moggy like him.
With no mice and no birds, his life appeared grim. 
   So he pushed off again on his journey in space 
   But then woke up in bed, in his own little place.



Copyright on all my poems

Of course there is no cruelty in my poem.  This pussy cat just had a bad dream because she had eaten too much at dinner-time!!  Cats and dogs do dream you know!  Josie