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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Training Your Dragon - pink .jpg
This lovely illustration was done by my best friend and adopted granddaughter, Cloe - see above picture.  Thanks so much Cloe.


By Josie Whitehead

Training Your Dragon

Training your dragon’s like training your dog.

Oh, it’s not like the training you’d give to your frog.

     Try whistling your dragon and train him to come,

     But don’t tell your Granny, your Dad or your Mum.


He’d frighten your wicked old teacher for sure

As he blew out some flames when he came through her door.

   You could train him to blow flames on Bonfire Night,

   But please warn your friends as they might have a fright.


You could hire out your dragon on St George’s Day,

But charge a good rate – you should make people pay.

     When everyone asks you: ‘What do dragons eat?’

      'Well, they like to eat grass but prefer people meat.'


'So where do you keep then, this dragon of  yours?’

'Well certainly not near my good wooden doors.

      But why should I tell you this secret of mine?

      No, I’m keeping this secret and that suits me fine!'

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