Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Why Are Garden Gnomes Made of Stone - He
Why Are Garden Gnomes . .

The gnome said:


'Oh, sweet little fairy, give me your wand.'

'No,' said the fairy with hair that was blonde.

      'It’s magic, it’s special!  It has secret powers.'

      Alarmed, she then hid amidst some white flowers.


He turned to the fairy whose hair was quite red:

'Give me your wand,' were the words that he said.

      'Oh no,' she replied. 'Don’t bother me so.

       We’ve said no already.  You really must go!'


He became quite impatient and asked fairy three:

'Your wand’s what I want!   Just hand it to me!'

     But this fairy, quite angry said: 'Leave us alone!'

     And, waving her wand, turned all gnomes to stone.



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