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Black Snowflake


Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Black Snowflake
Winter Poem.jpg

This is a winter scene immediately behind my home in the Convent orchard.  


By Josie Whitehead

A Winter Poem

Oh no, it’s old Winter - pretend you don’t see!
He’s freezing the water and look at that tree!
    It’s shivering with cold as I think he will know.
    Its black, leafless branches are covered with snow.


The poor little birds have their feathers fluffed out.
They’re feeling the cold of that there’s no doubt.
    They stand on one leg with the other up under,
    Then change to the other.  It’s freezing!  No wonder!

Now he’s painting the sky red, yellow and gold.
He’s trying to make us forget all this cold.
    But look outside later.  It will change yet again.
    We’ll grumble some more at the wind and the rain.

The days are so short and the nights are so long.
We’re all feeling lazy and the birds have no song.
    In the south of our world you will find summer sun
    With children on beaches who’re having such fun.

But a miracle is happening right under the snow
And lots of spring flowers are preparing to grow.
    One day we’ll awake and have such a surprise
   To find snowdrops, daffodils and the bluest of skies.

Copyright on all my poems



Yellow Daffodil Close Up
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