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Animal Story Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Zebra Who Knew Best (The)

Now here is a story and I’m sure it is true,
Of a zebra who lived in the wild, not a zoo.
     Young zebras soon learn, and there isn’t a doubt:
     'Three stripes on your card and you will be OUT.'

'Three stripes on my card?' sighed Zebe in despair.
'Only three naughty things?  That’s surely not fair.'
      You see Zebe was a zebra who liked his own way.
      At the thought of the stripes he was filled with dismay.

His mother explained: 'You must do as you’re told.
There are lions about who are dangerous and bold.
     When we tell you to run, if you turn a deaf ear,
     They’ll catch you for dinner.  Is that perfectly clear?'

Now Zebe was so stupid, he thought he knew best.
He got one stripe, then two – but I think you have guessed - -
     His father saw danger and called: 'Zebe, you come here!'
     Zebe laughed as he thought: 'Well, I’ve nothing to fear.'

The third stripe on his card?  Well it never appeared
For the rest of the story is just as you feared.
     The lion caught Zebe, so he’ll never grow old,
     For he didn’t take heed of the things he was told! 

Copyright on all my poems 

Animals and birds live together in groups, packs,  troops, flocks etc for a good reason.   What is that reason?  In your groups write down a list of animals and birds that you know of that live in these groups and which animals and birds don't, as far as you know. 'To turn a deaf ear' is to not listen, and usually because you think that what is said is not important to you. hmmm   We all do it sometimes.   Josie 






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